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Crystal clear living water with no chlorine (or other chemicals). Pool water is kept clean and clear by custom-designed, mini-ecosystems, wetlands and waterfalls. Unique construction method is fast, economical and strong. Filter systems take up less space than other designs. Maintenance is simple. Contact us for a site-visit and price estimate... 

Natural Living Water Swimming Pool
Natural Pool
ALL NATURAL, No Chlorine, No Salt, No Chemicals
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Coral Reef Protection in RAJA AMPAT
Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

Our Coral Reef Protection Program in remote and beautiful Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia 

Raja Ampat is the epicentre of tropical marine biodiversity.. it is truly one of the last great places but Raja Ampat's reefs remain threatened.. 

Greening your tourism business 

We help your business become more sustainable: Housekeeping, pest control, guest activities, operations, organic meals, staff training, community development, landscaping & food gardens, project design, green business promotions 


From concept development to design & construction

We design innovative projects that showcase true, practical sustainability.. social, environmental and economic


Composite concretes for better insulation & lighter weight - Laminated (farm-grown) timber columns & beams - All bamboo buildings - Unique, organic or modern designs - always solar-passive for comfort & energy saving


If you want a unique, healthier & more sustainable construction project, we can help you realize your vision

Permaculture Training - Food Production Gardens

Permaculture Courses - Provide expats, local people & tourism staff with very practical ways to create productive food gardens as well broad-ranging guidelines on how to be more environmentally responsible

Permaculture principals define sustainable connections between our built, social & natural environments 

Courses can be taught in English or Indonesian, and can range from 3 to 12 days

Prayer before placing buoys at Yenkarom Sept 2017