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Welcome to Bali GreenWorld, a village-based, building, design & consulting company, founded on international standards for social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Farm-Grown Timbers

Natural Materials

Bamboo Constructions

Bamboo Roofs Bamboo Shingles

Solar-Powered Solar-Passive

Sustainable Wastewater & Sewage Post-tsunami reconstruction, Aceh

Custom columns & beams Sumber Sari Eco Villas

Bamboo, farm-grown timber Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Beautiful bamboo Shingle roofs Norm’s office, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Natural, living spaces Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Modern design,sustainable Living Insular, lightweight, concrete structures

Our Mission

PT Bali GreenWorld aims to succeed, as an ethics-based business, by providing the most socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, services and products to the ecotourism and construction industries.

Our Vision

PT Bali GreenWorld has a sustainable vision for the future development of Bali, a vision based on sound & ethical business practices, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Our philosophy says we can make healthy profits and still be good corporate citizens.